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Q: How long does it take to print my order?
A: Most orders are completed within two weeks or less. Orders are considered to be in production after all artwork has been produced and approved by the customer, two weeks from that date is the projected completion date.

Q: What is the minimum order, can I order less than a dozen?
A: We can, and have done orders for one shirt, although we don't consider it to be cost effective for most people. Screen printing is best suited for quantities of 12 or more but we accept orders of just about any size.

Q: Can I mix & match colors and sizes of garments in my order?
A: Yes. Mixing dark colored garments with light or white garments is fine, however there is a price difference between all three types of colored garments. Adult sizes ranging between small to X-Large are quoted as the same price, with 2XL and larger sizes priced higher. Youth sizes are also priced differently than adults depending on garment choice. Note: Some designs will not work on both dark and light colored garments, some may require the image to be inverted (negative image)
to produce the correct results.

Q: Is a 6.1 oz. shirt better than a 5.6 oz. shirt?
A: Better may not be the correct description, but the material weighs more. The cloth is weighed by the square yard and that is where the reference to weight comes in. It may contain more threads per inch or the woven thread may be thicker to achieve that specific weight. Other factors such as how the thread is spun, garment construction, dye consistency, etc. are better guidelines to follow for quality.

Q: Can I supply the garments?
A: Yes. There is a small up charge per piece for customer supplied garments. Why? Obviously we don't make any profit off the garments, we are assuming all the risk if a garment is damaged or misprinted which would require us to replace it. Usually when we receive shirts for an order, we purchase extra to insure against such situations. Since most customers don't allow for spoilage, factors such as finding out where to get a replacement, ordering, shipping, etc. require us to cover these costs. Items should contain material makeup information(IE. 50/50 or 100% polyester, etc. ). In some cases the printer may require a sample of the material, to conduct tests for proper ink adhesion, if the content cannot be provided or if the item has never been printed on before.

Q: My business logo contains PMS colors, can you match those colors?
A: We carry a wide variety of stock colors to choose from, but if a custom color is necessary, we utilize a mixing system specifically designed for mixing Pantone colors (PMS). We recommend choosing uncoated colors from the Pantone color guide since uncated paper better mimics a white 100% cotton t-shirt. Printing the same color on a darker shirt may cause the color value to shift and may require an under base of white ink to maintain the original color. Custom mixing of colors does carry an extra charge.

Q: Can you print me a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it?
A: No,...we hold no license rights to reproduce such images and that would be trademark or copyright infringement. If you submit a design of a copyrighted or trademarked item, you warrant that you have been authorized by the copyright or trademark owner, or its agent or representatives, to have that design manufactured by us on your behalf
(In other words, you are legally responsible).

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: Currently, we offer two payment options, cash and personal or corporate checks. We are considering payment by credit cards an option in the near future.

Q: What is the best way to send a design or logo to you?
A: If you are a graphic designer and use Coreldraw, Illustrator, etc.
Or you already have a design in mind. We can handle file extensions -






Images at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) are all acceptable, however some resolution loss may occur as a result of chosen file format. Files listed above are in order from most suitable for quality control to least in quality control. (The file's icon may not appear as shown above)