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Step 1
Contact us

You can send us an e-mail or call us (717) 244-3111. We can discuss the job requirements and your situation as well as any ideas or pre-existing graphic, text, or layout that you may have in mind. When you e-mail us please be sure to include the following information.

Your Name, Company, Address, Phone, Fax, Etc.... We'll reply to your request with a price quote. To begin working on your request all we need is half of the price quote up front & your okay to begin the process.

Step 2
The Sketch

The Graphix Loft will complete a sketch of the proposed idea and e-mail or fax it to you for approval.

Step 3

Once the artwork is aproved, we will move on to this step. This is where we ink the arwork by hand, have it scanned and vectorized into CDR format (or desired format) on the computer. Colors will then be discussed, approved and applied to the finished design.

Step 4

After the art work is completed you will recieve a electronic file(s) of your requested work that contain all color seperations. A transfer of ownership form will accompany your design.